Live Not By Lies

Living by Truth In a Culture of Lies

In a culture of lies, how do you live in Truth? 

One of the leading signs of the end-times is a culture of lies. We’re certainly witnessing this in our culture. Bold, unashamed liars expecting you to believe them over what you see with your own eyes. It’s not just power hungry politicians and greedy corporatists, it’s entertainment, education, and even in non-profit world of charities. I hesitate to put some of the clergy there, but they are. 

As a man who desires to be authentic, we must adhere to the rule of integrity — the old-fashioned mantra of “be a man of your word.” 

This series will not only tackle what is happening in our politics, culture, and yes, the church-world, but also how this effects our jobs, communities, and relationships. 

Live Not By Lies will challenge us to dig deep into the motivations of our hearts and purify ourselves before God. It will change the way that we listen, think, and talk. 

  • Preview: Live Not By Lies
  • Session One: What is Truth?
  • Session Two: Who Conceived a Lie? 
  • Session Three: A Culture of Liars
  • Session Four: The Belt of Truth is a Weapon
  • Session Five: The Truth will Set You Free

Each week, a new episode is broadcast live on Mondays at 7pm. If you're not able to attend the live broadcast, the episode is available 24/7 on ChampionU.Life the following day.

Meet Neil Kennedy

Neil Kennedy has passionately promoted God’s Word for thirty plus years of ministry. He is known for practically applying Biblical principles that elevate people to a new level of living. As a business, church, ministry, and life consultant, Neil has helped others strategize the necessary steps to reach their full potential.

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