Jesus Is Not Nice

Moving from Passive Religion to Purposeful Christianity

What is your immediate reaction to the question, "What Would Jesus Do?"

Why do we always assume that the response of Jesus the Savior would be pleasant, tolerant, or nice?

David Murrow sighed out his exhaustion, "Why Men Hate Church." Many shook their heads in agreement with his presumptions. John Eldridge also wrote his frustrations, "Wild at Heart."

I agreed with them and directed my message to the heart of the matter in my book, FIVESTARMAN: The Five Passions of Authentic Manhood. We published multiple books and hundreds of articles and distributed over a million email devotionals with the message of authentic manhood. We identified the five purposes that every man already possesses from the moment of his conception.

Now, after spending ten-years traveling the world and speaking to hundreds of thousands of men, after many, many frustrating nights, wrestling with my calling to reach men, I believe that I have put my finger on the core issue. I think that I've identified the disconnect that men have with the Church. Yes, there is a huge disconnect. When I'm talking with leaders, they all act perplexed about it, but they often will not address the elephant in the room.

Most people say that man's problem of our time is toxic-masculinity. I thought so as well until I finally asked my wife to help me break down what am I called to help men identify their problem. I confidently said, "Toxic-masculinity!" 

My wife said, "No, I don't think so. It isn't clear. People don't know what that is."

I took several days to process it. I created an avatar—a representative that serves as a model for the man I want to speak to and help with the Gospel's message.

I named my avatar Adam. When I described Adam, he came to life. I realized that Adam is Man, and I immediately recognized the core failure of his life.

The original sin of Adam?

Adam was nice.

Adam was so nice that he wouldn't even interrupt a creep speaking to his wife, usurping his authority as her husband. Adam's failure cost him a trusting and pleasurable relationship with his wife. Adam lost his job. He lost him home. He lost his access to God. His home became so filled with strife that one of his sons killed his brother.

This series will directly confront religious ideas that Jesus was and is nice and empower you to move from passive religion to purposeful Christianity.

Jesus is Not Nice

At the end of this series, you will stand taller with courage. You will step boldly in faith. You will be empowered to fulfill your purpose and truly live more abundantly.

You will also find a new passion for sharing with men who have long ago given up on the Church.

Week One — Preview

Week Two — You're Not So Nice

Week Three — Don't Live Small

Week Four — Do Not Let Truth & Grace Forsake One Another

Week Five — From Passivity to Purpose

Week Six — Burning with Wrath Against Injustice

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