Iron Dome

The Protective Authority of Your Shepherd

We know that wars are fought in the heavens before victories are realized on the Earth. We also know that are warfare is not of natural weaponry. The enemy uses “flaming arrows” (Ephesians 6:16) to hurl at us. In the original language, the words pyro and belos are used, the word pictures are flaming bursts of javelins. 

The modern and natural equivalent of this is the Iron Dome of Israel. 

The Iron Dome is a missile defense weaponry system that effectively creates a cloud of covering to protect Israeli citizens from the thousands of javelin rockets fired from Gaza. Although costly, the defense is necessary for Israel to defend citizens from indiscriminate javelins killing them. 

Likewise, God has established an Iron Dome mobile defense system for the protective authority of ministerial gifting — apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. These forces are specifically design to carry authority for the equipping and edifying of God’s people.

  • Preview: The Iron Dome of Protection
  • Session One: Apostolic
  • Session Two: Prophets
  • Session Three: Evangelists
  • Session Four: Pastors
  • Session Five: Teachers

This series will give you an understanding of the vital role of each ministerial gift and why you need access to each one for your equipping and edifying. 

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