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We coach men to champion life.

Live your life with intentional direction.

Learn to win in life.

A proven process to help you win in life based on the Five Passions of Authentic Manhood.

Gain intentional direction.

A year with directional intent will accomplish more than a lifetime of wandering. Our coaching guides you through your destiny.

Live for significance.

Without a vision to pursue, you will chase fantasies. We’ll help you stop chasing fantasies and start pursuing your purposes.

What is FivestarMan Champion U?

Watch as FivestarMan Founder, Neil Kennedy, shares his heart and passion for men ready to live a life of purpose and authenticity.

“It wasn’t until I connected with the FivestarMan Movement that I truly found my God-given identity. Each day I arise motivated to live out the passions that God has already placed in me.”


By identifying your purposes, your life will become a passionate pursuit of authenticity. Join the tens of thousands of men determined to champion life.

The plan is simple.

Champion U

Our exclusive online training ground available 24/7. You’ll gain access to our growing library of courses, books, and videos.

Coaching Videos

Each course is equipped with video coaching and downloadable resources.

Weekly Workshops

Each week, you’ll be invited to attend a weekly online coaching session with Neil Kennedy.

Each week the live workshops will be recorded and added to the Champion U library for you to access at your convenience.

Even Champions Need a Coach.

Without a coach you may have the ability to be good. With a coach you have the potential to be great. You can leave the comfort of average and step onto the platform of champions.

We believe in you. We want to champion you!

Champion U includes…

24/7 access to online courses, books, and videos.

Live weekly coaching with Neil Kennedy.

Connect with a community of men who passionately pursue authentic manhood.

You have two options.

You can struggle to find your own way
you can partner with a coach who has a proven process to win in life.

It’s time to stop living with regrets, and start winning in every arena of your life.

When you partner with FivestarMan with a monthly gift of ANY AMOUNT you will be granted an ALL ACCESS PASS to the complete ChampionU library.